Distributed bloom filters on Redis (using the Hedis client).

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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Tobias Markus <tobias AT miglix DOT eu>

bloomfilter-redis Build Status

Distributed bloom filters on Redis (using the Hedis client).

The hash family algorithm is partly inspired by Brian O’Sullivan’s bloomfilter package.


  • Implementation of the FNV-1/FNV-1a hash function is included
  • Automatic derivation of a hash family from a single hash function as described by Kirsch and Mitzenmacher
  • The bloom filter is distributed without extra effort since Redis does the heavy lifting
  • Every Hashable type can be added to the bloom filter
  • Every Binary type can be hashed

Benchmark and Testing suite

A benchmark for the FNV hash function is included and can be invoked using cabal bench or stack bench. An HTML report is generated as report.html.

A testing suite using tasty is included.

Further Information


  • Separate the FNV hash function into a separate package
  • The actual operations (addBF, queryBF, etc) should ideally live in a MonadReader (Bloom a), but this requires some work on the Hedis side because of RedisCtx


  • The only supported FNV hash sizes are 32 and 64 bits. Support for larger widths is a matter of having a data type with instances for FiniteBits and Num.
  • The offset basis (fnvOffsetBasis) is not correctly computed, although this has absolutely no effect on the performance of the hash function in practice.


  • Compatibility with GHC 8.0/base-4.9

  • Fix bad Hackage upload of (it accidentally contained a breaking API change to be released in a later version)

  • README improvements
  • Compatibility with GHC 7.8/base-4.7
  • Test suite improvements

Initial release

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