A simple BF interpreter.

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Brainfuck: A Toy Implementation

This project exists to show what a Brainfuck evaluator might look like in Haskell.

The implementation is fairly well documented. I endeavored to make it readable.


Below is the abstract syntax tree for the BF language as implemented:

data Term
  = IncDP        -- >
  | DecDP        -- <
  | OutDP        -- ?
  | IncByte      -- +
  | DecByte      -- -
  | OutByte      -- .
  | InByte       -- ,
  | JumpForward  -- [
  | JumpBackward -- ]
  deriving (Show, Eq)

Evaluation Semantics

I followed the summary given on the wikipedia page closely. A few particulars to this implementation:

  • “Jump not found” errors abort evaluation and return the state of the tape
  • Out of bound errors are not detected
  • Evaluation proceeds until the instruction stream runs out


An executable is provided:

$ cabal build bfh
$ cabal run bfh
usage: bfh <size> <program>
$ cabal run bfh 10 ',.'


  • added support for ‘?’ command
    • this breaks compatibility with programs that use ? as a comment character

  • update the changelog

  • fix: jump logic now respects nesting

  • Add changelog

  • Add homepage, issue tracker, project repo

  • Fix documentation formatting issues

  • Initial release
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