a url shortener

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MIT licensed by rnhmjoj


a url shortener

Breve is a web application that provides a simple interface to shortening long urls creating links smaller and easier to remember.

You can find a running instance on brve.bit

It creates links in the form of “/emeaoinqua”: easier to remember than alphanumeric strings like “/1Cqw8lHw” used by several services.

It was inspired by hastebin.


Install the app with cabal-install. Run

$ cabal install breve

and start it with

$ breve

The app will start serving on https://localhost:3000, listening on every active interface.


You can change the options by editing the config file. When you start the app an empty one will be created in: $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/breve, ~/.config/breve if unset, or you can pass a path as the first argument of breve.

The default values are:

hostname = "localhost"
port     = 3000
baseurl  = "https://localhost:3000/"
urltable = "$XDG_CONFIG_HOME/breve"
tls {
  cert  = "/usr/share/tls/breve.crt"
  key   = "/usr/share/tls/breve.key"
  chain = []

urltable is the location of breve url hashtable

chain is a list of chain certificate files


Dual licensed under the MIT and GPL licenses:

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