Convert C API header files to .hsc and .hsc.helper.c files https://github.com/jwiegley/c2hsc

Latest on Hackage:0.7.1

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BSD3 licensed by John Wiegley
Maintained by John Wiegley

Converts C API header files to .hsc and .hsc.helper.c files

Usage: c2hsc --prefix=<Lib Prefix> <FILE>.h

This will create <FILE>.hsc, and <FILE>.hsc.helper.c if the header file contains inline functions.

For example, in hlibgit2 on the Mac I’m using:

c2hsc --prefix=Bindings.Libgit2 --cppopts=-U__BLOCKS__ \

Known issues:

  • Need to output vararg functions with a comment mentioning they are not translatable to the Haskell FFI

Also, please note that this tool will never be 100% accurate. It cannot translate macros, or anything related to the preprocessor, for example. It often misses necessary #include files, and will get them wrong in any case if preprocessor conditionals are involved.

The goal of c2hsc is to solve the hardest 80% of the problem of creating an FFI library. The remaining 20%, plus validation of the results, is an exercise necessarily left to the user.

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