A monitor for cabal builds

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MIT licensed by Iavor S. Diatchki

This is a utility which monitors changes to the files in a directory. It was designed to make it easy to monitor parallel Cabal builds.

The utility works by monitoring the log files produced by Cabal, using fswatch, which is available here:

A typical use would be to simply invoke it in a sandbox:


This will automatically find the directory with the Cabal logs, and start up an instance of fswatch to monitor the files for modifications.

The default fswatch monitor for Mac OS does not report events very frequently, so you may have better luck by using the kqueue one:

cabal-mon -m kqueue_monitor

When files are updated, their content will be displayed by the utility. The menu uses the following colors:

  • green: this is the package that is currently being watched
  • red: this package has changes that you have not yet looked at
  • white: this package has not changed since the last time you looked at it
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