A program for finding temporary build file during cabal-test.

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BSD3 licensed by Junji Hashimoto

cabal-test-bin: A program finding temporal build-binary for cabal-test

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cabal-test-bin finds exe-file for cabal test(like following commands)

$ cabal install --enable-tests --run-tests
$ cabal test

When a project uses cabal-sandbox, cabal-test-bin checks following paths.

<project root>/dist/dist-sandbox-<hash>/build/<exe-file>/<exe-file> 
<project root>/dist/build/<exe-file>/<exe-file>

cabal-test-bin is a program find

Getting started

Install this from Hackage.

$ cabal update && cabal install cabal-test-bin


Command Line is below.

$ cabal-test-bin 'project-directory' 'program-name(this is just command-name, not path)'

cabal-test-bin generates jenkins hash from cabal-sandbox-dir of current project. Then it finds ‘project-directory’/dist/build/‘program-name’ and ‘project-directory’/dist/dist-sandbox-‘hash’/build/‘program-name’. When both files exits, it chooses newer one.



  • Fix test


  • Add library and test


  • Add, and .travis.yml
  • Modify cabal-dependency
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