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MIT licensed by Dmitry Malikov
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cabalg is an alias for installing cabal package from a git source repository.


$ git clone
$ git clone
$ cabal install foo/foo.cabal bar/bar.cabal baz.cabal

could be abbreviated by

$ cabalg -- biegunka.cabal

It also supports arbitrary git revisions mentioning like

 $ cabalg

Necessary arguments could be passed to 'cabal install' with -- delimiter like

$ cabalg <repo1> ... <repoN> [-- <cabal-install args>]

Please notice, that --single-branch flag comes with git-1.7.10 ( and later, so you probably want to have it.

It's supposed to be Windows-compatible (not sure about the tests)



  • Exit with failure if cabal thrown non-success exit code


  • Respect $TMPDIR and $TEMP environment variables


  • Add --help and --version command line options

  • Bug fixed: download the default upstream branch unless another one is explicitly provided


  • Display progress incrementally during install by allowing standard handles to inherit (@cpennington)


  • Print cabal logs to the output


  • Bug fixed: internal git checkout producing redundant copy of git repository


  • All non-base dependencies are dropped
  • 7.2, 7.4, 7.6, 7.8 are supported


  • Select *.cabal files found only with depth 1


  • Get rid of temporary dependency


  • Remove cabal sandbox support

  • Handle multiple number of git repository at once

  • Cloning repo in a current directory

  • Cmd line arguments are interpreting like <repo1> ... <repoN> [-- <cabal-install flags>]

  • Remove --branch <branch_name> flag

  • Add syntax to mentioning revisions like https://<repourl>@<revision>


Initial version introduced:

  • Cloning repo into a temporary directory according to System.FilePath.getTemporaryDirectory

  • Cabal sandbox support

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