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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Lennart Kolmodin
Maintained by Taylor Fausak

Warning: This package is not maintained anymore.

Caerbannog is a drop in replacement for the binary-bits package. Unlike binary-bits Caerbannog works with GHC 8.10, 8.8, and 8.6.

The original package description of binary-bits at version 0.5 was: "Bit parsing/writing on top of binary. Provides functions to read and write bits to and from 8/16/32/64 words."

Caerbannog allows you to do bit level gets and puts on top of the interface provided by the binary package. This can be useful for parsing or generating binary formats that are not byte aligned.

There are many names for these types of actions: get and put, read and write, parse and generate, deserialize and serialize, decode and encode. Caerbannog doesn't care which word you use. It'll work anyway.