CAO Compiler

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GPL licensed by Cryptography and Information Security Group, HASLab - INESC TEC and Universidade do Minho
Maintained by Paulo Silva

CAO Compiler

0. Dependencies
To build the CAO Compiler you need:
- happy
- alex
- cabal package manager

We recommend the installation of the Haskell Platform which contains all the aforementioned dependencies:

1. Build instructions
$ cabal configure
$ cabal build
$ cabal install

2. Run dependencies (optional)
To run the CAO Compiler you may need:
- Yices SMT solver (version 1)

This SMT solver is used to check some more complex conditions when typechecking a CAO program.
The compiler works without Yices but some conditions may not be verified. A warning is shown in these cases.

3. Backend library dependencies
To compile the generated code with the backend library you need:
- GMP (optional)

NTL is available from
GMP is available from

Information about how to compile NTL with GMP can be found here:

4. Run instructions
To see a description of all compiler options:
$ cao help

The basic compiler usage is:
$ cao comp [cao-file]

5. Example
In the 'example' directory you can find a CAO implementation of the SHA1 hash algorithm.
The Makefile provides an example of how a generated C program can be compiled and linked with the backend library.
You may have to adjust the script variable 'CAO_PATH' to the root directory of your installation.

Contact Information

Bugs/Suggestions please mail to:

Manuel Barbosa -
Paulo Silva -


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