mid-level bindings to CasADi

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LGPL-3 licensed by Greg Horn

Haskell bindings to the CasADi algorithmic differentiation and optimal control library. VERSION POLICY VIOLATION: version number x.y.z.w corresponds to the CasADi C++ library version x.y.z; the w referse to binding changes and may be completely breaking.

This package is a mid-level interface to the autogenerated low-level bindings casadi-bindings-core.

The module casadi-bindings-core is autogenerated from casadi's swig interface and corresponds to the casadi C++ API (though some functions will be missing).

The casadi-bindings-internal package is handwritten and provides some casadi memory management wrappers, C++ standard type marsahalling, and some hand-written wrapper code.

For high-level bindings, see my dynobud project

To install this, first install casadi using instructions from MAKE SURE pkg-config CAN FIND THE CASADI INSTALLATION, AS THIS IS HOW CABAL FINDS CASADI!!

Then cabal install this package:

> cabal update && cabal install casadi-bindings

If you are upgrading this package and see linker errors, you may need to first manually `ghc-pkg unregister casadi-bindings-internal`.

Temporary note: there is something wrong with casadi and ipopt related to, and Either update IPOPT or use a different linear solver than MUMPS.

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