C to Lua data wrapper generator

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BSD3 licensed by Tom Schouten
Maintained by
Gather C structs tagged with __attribute__((__packed__)) and enum
definitions into a Lua data structure. This allows conversion between
binary blobs and Lua tables using functions parse-bin.lua provides,
useful for C applications with an embedded Lua interpreter.

This tool is a thin wrapper around the awesome Language.C library:


( Instructions for Debian )

# Optionally add ~/.cabal/bin to your search path. This is where
# cabal will install Haskell binaries, including the updated version
# of cabal itself.

apt-get install cabal-install haskell-platform
cabal update
cabal install cabal-install
cabal install pretty-show
cabal install happy
cabal install language-c

tar xf packed_lua.tar.gz
cd packed_lua

# The 2 commands below also appear in the Makefile.

cabal configure
cabal build

# At this point the binary will be in the local directory:
# dist/build/packed-lua/packed-lua
# Optionally install it to ~/.cabal/bin using:

cabal install


Provide the (possibly prepocessed) C file as a first argument and
gather the Lua output on stdout, i.e:

packed_lua structs.c >sym.lua

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