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MIT licensed by Alex Brandt
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Collection+JSON Tools

Types, classes, and functions for using the Collection+JSON—Hypermedia Type in Haskell.

Getting Started

Documentation is available on Hackage and information about application/vnd.collection+json can be found at

Reporting Issues

Any issues discovered should be recorded on github. If you believe you’ve found an error or have a suggestion for a new feature; please, ensure that it is reported.

If you would like to contribute a fix or new feature; please, submit a pull request. This project follows git flow and utilizes travis to automatically check pull requests before a manual review.


The COPYRIGHT file contains a list of contributors with their respective copyrights and other information. If you submit a pull request and would like attribution; please, add yourself to the COPYRIGHT file.


Revision history for collection-json – 2018-01-20

  • Bump network-arbitrary dependency – 2018-01-06

  • Externalize network-arbitrary dependency – 2017-12-21

  • Bump dependencies on aeson and QuickCheck – 2017-11-17

  • use network-uri-json package – 2017-11-11

  • reduce prop usage by using it correctly
  • add shrink methods to Arbitrary instances
  • move Internal module to External
  • fix git URL
  • remove broken travis deployment – 2017-11-05

  • minimize produced JSON in ToJSON instances
  • attempt to ensure RFC compliance with hspec
  • add more robust URI testing
  • add nix development environment (shell.nix, default.nix, collection-json.nix)
  • change test suite to hspec – 2017-08-08

  • increase aeson upper bound to 1.2
  • increase base upper bound to 4.11
  • reduce maxSize in quickcheck tests
  • cleanup unused pragmas
  • update travis configuration
  • add travis deployemnt section – 2017-08-05

  • Add Property Test Suite
  • Add Code of Conduct
  • Update README
  • Add Travis CI Configuration
  • Other Package Updates
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