Quasiquoters for external commands

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BSD3 licensed by Matvey Aksenov


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>>> import System.Command.QQ
>>> putStr =<< unlines . reverse . lines <$> [sh|cowsay "Hello, I am command-qq!"|]
                ||     ||
                ||----w |
            (__)\       )\/\
         \  (oo)\_______
        \   ^__^
< Hello, I am command-qq! >


% cabal install command-qq


Quasiquotation syntax for external interpreters

>>> [sh_| echo hello world! |]
hello world!

Custom quasiquoters

ghci = quoter $ callCommand "ghc" ["-ignore-dot-ghci", "-e"]

Then you can use ghci in ghci!

>>> [ghci| putStrLn "hello world!" |] :: IO ()
hello world!

For more examples, see System.Command.QQ.Predef

Haskell values embedding

Let's define Embed instance for a custom data type:

data Bang = Bang

instance Embed Bang where
  embed Bang = "!"

Then you can use variables of Bang type in quoted strings!

>>> [sh_| echo hello#{Bang} |]
>>> let bang = Bang in [sh_| echo hello#{bang} |]

Note, command-qq does not support full Haskell in embeddings, only variables/constructors names and literals


See examples/CommandT.hs


  • Added another way to avoid variable expansion (\\#{foo} is replaced with #{foo})

  • Exported substituteVars

  • Added a bunch of predefined quasiquoters to System.Command.QQ.Predef

  • Added Embed instances for Data.Text.Text and Data.Text.Lazy.Text

  • Added sh_ quasiquoter to avoid type annotations for trivial quotes

  • Moved Eval onto Text to speed I/O up.

  • Added support for embedding literals and constructors with no arguments

  • Mored Embed instances

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