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This package provides typeclass instances for parsing commonmark directly into the Pandoc AST.


Changelog for commonmark-pandoc

  • Remove nested footnotes (#138).


  • Add support for alerts extension (#132).

  • Allow pandoc-types 1.23.

  • Fix addition of sourcepos attributes to blocks (jgm/pandoc#7769). We were always adding an enclosing Div, even when the block admits attributes. Now the attributes are added to the block itself, unless it can’t accept attributes (as with inlines).

  • Don’t collapse Para to Plain in task lists (#77).


  • commonmark-pandoc.cabal: remove unneeded build-depend on containers.
  • Support wikilinks extension.

  • Allow pandoc-types 1.22.

  • Add HasQuoted instance.
  • Apply attributes directly to Table element (#47).

  • Initial release