Store and retrieve data from an on-disk store

Latest on Hackage:0.2.1

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LGPL-2.1-only licensed by Chris Lumens
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This module provides a way to store and retrieve arbitrary data from an on-disk store, similar to how a source control system works but without the assumptions of such a system.



  • Allow newer versions of aeson, conduit, conduit-combinators, conduit-extra, and lzma-conduit.


  • Added lots of test cases.
  • Add support for compressed content stores. This requires lzma-conduit.
  • Fix a file creation bug in fetchFile. If you attempted to fetch an object that did not exist, the output file would still be created. This no longer happens.
  • Fix fetchByteString and fetchLazyByteString to return the entire object, not just the first chunk of it. This was caused by improper use of headC.
  • Fix a bug in fetchByteStringC and fetchLazyByteStringC that was causing these functions to output objects as multiple ByteStrings.
  • Remove duplicate MonadIO constraints. These were being duplicated by the use of MonadResource constraints.


  • Relax overly strict aeson, monad-control, temporary, and text requirements.


  • Initial release.
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