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BSD3 licensed by Lee Pike, Robin Morisset, Alwyn Goodloe, Sebastian Niller, Nis Nordbyop Wegmann
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copilot-core The core language, which efficiently represents Copilot expressions. The core is only of interest to implementers wishing to add a new back-end to Copilot.

Copilot is a stream (i.e., infinite lists) domain-specific language (DSL) in Haskell that compiles into embedded C. Copilot is similar in spirit to languages like Lustre. Copilot contains an interpreter, multiple back-end compilers, and other verification tools.


The Copilot library is cabalized. Assuming you have cabal and the GHC compiler installed (the Haskell Platform is the easiest way to obtain these), it should merely be a matter of running

     cabal install copilot-core

However, we strongly recommend you install Copilot, which installs copilot-c99 and other packages automatically. Execute

     cabal install copilot


To understand our use of Dynamic typing, please consult the following, particularly the last document:

  • Carette, Jacques and Kiselyov, Oleg and Shan, Chung-chieh, “Finally tagless, partially evaluated: Tagless staged interpreters for simpler typed languages”, Journal of Functional Programming vol. 19, p. 509-543, 2009.

  • Guillemette, Louis-Julien and Monnier, Stefan, “Type-Safe Code Transformations in Haskell”, Electronic Notes in Theoretical Computer Science vol. 174, p. 23-39, 2007.

  • Baars, Arthur I. and Swierstra, S. Doaitse, “Typing dynamic typing”, ACM SIGPLAN Notices vol. 37, p. 157-166, 2002


copilot-core is available on Hackage.

Sources for each package are available on Github as well. Just go to Github and search for the package of interest. Feel free to fork!

Copyright, License

Copilot is distributed with the BSD3 license. The license file contains the BSD3 verbiage.


We are grateful for NASA Contract NNL08AD13T to Galois, Inc and the National Institute of Aerospace, which partially supported this work.

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