A flexible, fast, enumerator-based CSV parser library for Haskell. http://github.com/ozataman/csv-enumerator

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BSD-3-Clause licensed by Ozgun Ataman
Maintained by Ozgun Ataman

CSV files are the de-facto standard in many situations involving data transfer, particularly when dealing with enterprise application or disparate database systems.

While there are a number of CSV libraries in Haskell, at the time of this project's start in 2010, there wasn't one that provided all of the following:

  • Full flexibility in quote characters, separators, input/output

  • Constant space operation

  • Robust parsing, correctness and error resiliency

  • Convenient interface that supports a variety of use cases

  • Fast operation

This library is an attempt to close these gaps.

For more documentation and examples, check out the README at:


The API is fairly well documented and I would encourage you to keep your haddocks handy. If you run into problems, just email me or holler over at #haskell.

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