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GPL-3 licensed by Alexandru Scvortov
Maintained by scvalex@gmail.com


Start background Haskell daemons by double-forking


This package has been deprecated in favour of daemons.


This module provides startDaemon and stopDaemon to facilitate the creation of Haskell daemon programs.

The problem is as follows: the user starts a program in their terminal, but he wants the program to relinquish control of the terminal immediately, and furthermore, the program (or part of it) should keep running even after said terminal is closed. Examples of programs that behave like this are nginx and emacs --daemon.

The correct solution is to double-fork a process. This ensures that the child process is completed separated from the terminal it was started on.

See this page for a discussion on double-forking.

See the Hackage page for documentation and examples.


This package is on Hackage. To install it, run:

cabal update
cabal install daemonize-doublefork
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