Basic Slack bot framework.

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MIT licensed by Daniel Diaz

A very basic framework for creating Slack bots.

The bot will respond to messages in IM channels, and also to messages explicitly directed at him in general channels (@nameofthebot: some message).

The bot reads the Slack api token from the environment variable “DANIBOT_SLACK_API_TOKEN”.

The default danibot executable comes with a few example handlers:

  • up? host port

    Checks if a port is open in a host.

  • lookup key

    Checks the value of key in a dictionary that is loaded at startup with the –dict parameter. The dictionary is a json object with string values.

  • help

    Lists available options.

Right now the bot ignores most chat events apart from messages.

To create your own customized bot, import Network.Danibot.Main and pass a value of type IO (Either String (Text -> IO Text)) to mainWith, where Text -> IO Text is the type of the handler function.

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