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LGPL-3 licensed by John P. Feltz
Maintained by jfeltz@gmail.com


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dash-haskell facilitates Haskell documentation in IDE(s) with the following qualities:

  • Local

    Documentation is stored in dash docsets on the filesystem, avoiding the need to query often inaccurate, version lagged information from a remote resource such as hackage, hoogle, or hayoo.

  • Resolved from Project Dependencies

    With dash-haskell, one can build dash docsets from: packages listed as dependencies of a .cabal file packages in a cabal sandbox an arbitrary package db

  • Scope Narrowed

    IDE plugins such as helm-dash allow for only specific docsets to be active. This means that when searching for an identifier, e.g. fromJust, only the packages you've built in your configuration are searched. Searches can then be further narrowed by module etc.

  • Prolifically Standardized

    dash docsets are an open, easily assimilated standard, and are used across many IDE(s).

Usage Examples

builds all packages listed as dependencies in ```foo.cabal```, using atleast the cabal sandbox db

```dash-haskell parsec-3.1.5 ```

builds ```docsets/parsec-3.1.5.docset``` using the default db ordering (global, user).

Note: haddock documentation for the package must first be built prior to calling dash-haskell on it, e.g.

$ cabal install --only-dependencies --enable-documentation

**dash-haskell** tries to be as self-documenting as possible. Please see:

```dash-haskell --help``` and ```dash-haskell help [option|topic]```


dash-haskell v1.1.0.2, a dash docset construction tool for Haskell packages

Usage: dash-haskell [-o|--output

] [-q|--quiet] [-c|--cabal ] [-x|--cabal-excludes ghc,lens..] [-s|--sandbox] [-n|--no-user] [--db ] [-d|--ordering user,sandbox..] [packages] additional help is available with "dash-haskell help "

Available options: -h,--help Show this help text -o,--output

the directory to write created docsets to -q,--quiet set to quiet output -c,--cabal the cabal file to retrieve package dependencies from -x,--cabal-excludes ghc,lens.. limit package results from a cabal file source -s,--sandbox use cabal sandbox -n,--no-user don't source packages from user db --db package db directory -d,--ordering user,sandbox.. ordering of user, dir, and sandbox db's packages a list of packages to specifically build, e.g. either-1.0.1 text

http://www.github.com/jfeltz/dash-haskell (C) John P. Feltz 2014, 2015


$ cabal install dash-haskell


$ git clone http://www.github.com/jfeltz/dash-haskell $ cd dash-haskell $ cabal install

Package Resolution
For best results, try to **be version specific** when providing
package arguments, unless you're judicious about which packages are
stored, for example, in your *cabal sandbox db* or *ghc package db*.

IDE Configuration
To use the generated docsets, you will need a plugin for your particular IDE which can access

* **Emacs**

  **dash-haskell** is tested with the following for emacs:

  * [helm](https://github.com/emacs-helm/helm) , a fuzzy finder plugin for emacs
  * [helm-dash](https://github.com/areina/helm-dash) , the essential extension to helm in order to lookup dash docsets

  For limiting helm-dash to project specific docsets, the following also helps.

(defun activate-package-docsets (root)
     (setq helm-dash-docsets-path root)
     (setq helm-dash-common-docsets (helm-dash-installed-docsets))

      (format "activated %d docsets from: %s"
        (length helm-dash-common-docsets) root))

  (activate-package-docsets "/path/to/project/docsets/")

Features slated for V2

  • handle docset pre-builts and project synchronization

    set pre-built criteria, pre-built skipping, project package sync. and provide a `--rebuild` to force rebuild of a docset

  • version biasing

    provide option to bias package version to highest when it is otherwise ambiguous

  • summaries

    provide summary information to help users better understand which packages failed and succeeded

  • `conf` argument support

    build docset directly from a package db .conf

  • `doc` argument

    build docsets directly from a package doc directory (containing the requisite `*.haddock` interface and html files)


Hirotomo Moriwaki :

The major instigator of this project was Hirotomo Moriwaki's haddocset, with much of the early implementation of dash-haskell influenced by that code-base.

Rudi Grinberg : github

For patches, testing, and helping maintain compatibility of `dash-haskell-1.0.x.x` with ghc changes

Author & Maintainer

John P. Feltz

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