Combinator birds.

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BSD3 licensed
Maintained by Stephen Tetley

A catalogue of the combinator birds (Data.Aviary.Birds etc.) - these modules are intended for illustration and-or reference (i.e. looking up combinators by their type signature).

Using Data.Aviary as a library (i.e. depending on it for other packages) is not recommended: combinator-mania leads to inscrutable code.



  • Removed the "useful" combinators (to emphasize that Data.Aviary is not a utility library).

  • Fixed typos in Haddock docs - thanks to Christopher Young for spotting them.


  • Added Monadic variations.


  • Added Data.Aviary.BirdsVersion - same as the original Birds module, but with type signatures following a revised naming scheme.


  • Added Data.Aviary.Functional - the Applicative, Monad etc. combinatorswith implementations and signatures specialized to the (simple) functional type cf. the Reader monad.


  • Added dup and the combiner variants of cardinal-prime.


  • Added Haddock docs for (##).

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