Data types for named entities

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BSD3 licensed by Jakub Waszczuk

The library provides data types which can be used to represent forest structures with labels stored in internal nodes and words kept in leaves. In particular, those types are well suited for representing the layer of named entities (NEs).

The IOB method is implemented in the Data.Named.IOB module and can be used to translate between a forest of entities and a sequence of compound IOB labels. This method can be used together with a sequence classifier to indirectly model forest structures.

The Data.Named.Graph module can be used to represent more general, graph structures of entities. The module provides also a lossy conversion from a DAG to a disjoint forest of entities.



0.6.1 Jun 2016
* Add stack.yaml
* Add `Applicative` instances where needed (as a result of the `Applicative => Monad` proposal)

0.6.0 Jul 2014
* Add `concatForestLeaves` function (inverse of `groupForestLeaves`)
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