Generates DDL suggestions based on a CSV file https://github.com/arnons1/dawdle

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MIT licensed by Arnon Shimoni

Dawdle - the DDL suggestor tool

Meant as a tool for analyzing CSVs and suggesting a DDL. Generates an executable called dawdle once installed.

Usage examples

$ dawdle --input="example_with_comma.csv" --with-header -s "," This means analyze the file example_with_comma.csv, assume the first line is the header and use a comma as a separator. The example output is

create table example_with_comma (id int not null,
                                 name varchar(65) not null,
                                 created_at datetime not null,
                                 updated_at datetime not null)

To see all command line flags, run $ dawdle --help.


Currently, the syntax is basic(-ish) SQL. Supported types are: tinyint smallint int bigint real float date datetime (==timestamp) * varchar

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