Utilities to work with debian binary packages

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OtherLicense licensed by Marco TĂșlio Gontijo e Silva

This package is util for manipulating Debian binary packages. It contains 3

1. manual

Usage: manual PACKAGE

Extracts the content of PACKAGE to /tmp/debian-binary and waits for a character
input from the user. After the input, every change on the file will be
packaged to a file written in /tmp/PACKAGE. The files of PACKAGE will be
accessible in the following path:

control/<content of control.tar.gz>
data/<content of data.tar.gz>

2. query

Usage: query COMMAND PACKAGE ...

Extracts each PACKAGE and runs COMMAND in it.

3. update

Usage: update COMMAND PACKAGE ...

Extracts each PACKAGE, runs COMMAND and repacks it.
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