Small and typesafe configuration library.

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Small configuration library written in Haskell

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Uses Typesafe-config's format: HOCON

HOCON stands for Human-Optimized Config Object Notation. It's basically a JSON superset

Here's an example:

# This is a comment = ${toto}

toto = false

rawString = """
            This is a multi-
            lines String

another.string = "I'm a String"

one.more.string = one more string

nested {
   list: [ one
         , 1
         , "both"]
   homing = { 
     pass: { b: feez } { a: "Prop"}

   another: [1,2,3] [4,5,6]

More information about the format can be found on Typesafe-config project page.

The library provides good error messages and comes with a bottom-up type inferencer in order to catch more configuration errors.

Here some use-cases:

  1. foo = ["bar", { baz : 42 }]

You'll have:

foo:1:8-13: Expecting String but having Object

reason: List has only one inner type

  1. foo = ["bar"] [{ baz : 42 }]

You'll have:

foo:1:7-14: Expecting List[String] but having List[Object]

reason: You can't merge Lists of different types


{-# LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings #-}
import Data.Config
import Data.Text (Text)

data Foo = Foo { fooPort :: Int, fooAddr :: Text }

main :: IO ()
main = do
  foo <- loadFooProps
  withFoo foo

    loadFooProps = do
      config <- loadConfig "conf/baz.conf"
      port   <- getInteger "foo.port" config
      addr   <- getString "foo.addr" config
      return (Foo port addr)

withFoo :: Foo -> IO ()
withFoo = ...


  • Support GHC 8.*
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