A Pandoc filter to express diagrams inline using the Haskell EDSL _Diagrams_

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BSD3 licensed by Daniel Bergey

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A pandoc filter to express diagrams inline using the haskell EDSL diagrams.


Create an input file called demo.md with the following text:

    This is how to draw a circle:
    ~~~ diagram
    example = circle 1

Install diagrams-pandoc, then run pandoc as follows:

    pandoc -t html demo.md --filter diagrams-pandoc -o demo.html -s

The file demo.html should now have an img tag pointing at a PNG of a circle.


You can specify attributes to control how the diagram is generated. The following, for example,

    ~~~ {.diagram width=800 height=400}
    example = circle 1

will override the default width and height of the generated diagram. The following attributes are supported:

  • width: The width of the generated diagram, in pixels. The default is 500.
  • height: The height of the generated diagram, in pixels. The default is 200.


diagrams-pandoc compiles code blocks containing diagrams expressions and includes the resulting images in the pandoc markup. It is meant to be run as a pandoc filter as shown above.

diagrams-pandoc evaluates the diagrams expression example by default. This can be modified by passing a command line argument.

diagrams-pandoc is aware of two code block classes. A block with the diagram class will be replaced by the resulting image—the code will not appear in the output. A block with the diagram-haskell class will produce both an image and a (syntax highlighted) code block. The input block is replaced by image appears before the code block, and the diagram-haskell class is replaced by the haskell class, so that pandoc can perform syntax highlighting as usual.

diagrams-pandoc produces images in the pdf format when used with the latex and beamer writers of pandoc and produced png output otherwise.

I have only tested with pandoc’s markdown reader. In particular, the rst reader does not attach classes to code blocks, only to Div elements.


diagrams-pandoc is on Hackage. To install, run cabal install diagrams-pandoc


  • use pandoc output type to pick an image file format
  • for formats which are more human-readable (eg, markdown, rst), leave code block alone?
  • provide command-line flags to override default behavior
  • add Backends besides Cairo
  • Support RST by handling Div class=diagram [CodeBlock foo bar] the same as CodeBlock class=diagram bar
  • Alternate install directions using stack


v0.3 (2016-02-23)

  • Choose output type based on Pandoc output format
  • Set diagram size from Attributes in Pandoc IR / markdown
  • Support latest pandoc-types
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