Draw QR codes to SVG, PNG, PDF or PS files. https://github.com/prowdsponsor/diagrams-qrcode

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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Felipe Lessa


This library is able to draw diagrams of QR codes using the diagrams library. In order to create the QR code itself, you may use either the haskell-qrencode library or qrcode library, both are supported. In order to draw and save the diagram to a file, we suggest using either the diagrams-svg library (pure Haskell, fast, SVG output only) or the diagrams-cairo library (requires Cairo, supports many different output targets, including SVG, PNG, PDF, PS and directly onto a GUI).

For example:

$ cabal install diagrams-qrcode haskell-qrencode diagrams-svg diagrams
$ cd examples/
$ echo 'https://github.com/meteficha/diagrams-qrcode/' | \
  runhaskell using-haskell-qrencode.hs > qrcode.svg
$ xdg-open qrcode.svg


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