Convert a Diceware wordlist into a printer-ready LaTeX file.

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GPL-3 licensed by Marcelo Garlet Millani

Diceware is a convenient way of generating secure and easy to remember passphrases. The idea is to throw a dice multiple times in order to draw a word from a list at random. The generated words are then concatenated, forming a passphrase.

This program aims to generate a pretty LaTeX document for printing. The document is optimized for human usage, where in each page the first two throws (or only the first one, depending on the lenght of the list) are the same.


Revision history for dice2tex -- 2017-01-14

  • New features
    • Choosing the number of columns.
    • Writing output to a file instead of stdout -- 2017-01-07

  • First version.
    • Generates a .tex file from a Diceware list
    • Flexible with respect to the number of dice used.
  • TODO
    • Allow some control on the number of columns used and on how many digits are used per page (in case someone wants A3 size, for example).
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