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Statically checked physical dimensions, implemented using type families.

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BSD3 licensed by Bjorn Buckwalter
Maintained by
For documentation see the file `dimensional.cabal` and the literate
haskell source code.

For project information (issues, updates, wiki, examples) see:

Changes (2016-12)

  • Bumped time dependency upper bound. (2016-01)

  • Bumped time dependency upper bound. (2015-04)

  • Corrected definition of lumen. (2014-09)

  • Bumped time dependency upper bound.

0.3 (2014-02)

Brought inline with dimensional-0.13.

  • Added Torque.
  • Added D.. for the type synonym quantities (e.g., Angle).

0.2 (2013-07)

0.1.1 (2012-02) (2012-02)

0.1 (2012-02)

See the announcement.

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