Library to switch to daemon mode using built-in OS facilities.

Latest on Hackage:3.1

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BSD3 licensed by Irene Knapp

This package is a wrapper around the daemon() function on BSD-like Unices, including Mac OS X and glibc-based Linux distributions. It does not function on other systems.

Version 3.1 adds the ability to do something after forking but before dropping privileges. It also no longer uses the system-provided daemon() function, which is highly unfortunate but necessary with the RTS's use of per-process timers.

Version updates this documentation to be properly broken into paragraphs.

Version 3.0 cleans up the parameters structure.

Version 2.0 fixes compatibility problems with the threaded GHC runtime. Doing this required two non-backwards-compatible API changes. First, the daemonize function now takes an action to perform as a daemon, and never returns. Second, the functionality of closing all open files has been removed, as it caused crashes. As a substitute, the option of closing only the three standard streams has been added and made the default.

Version 1.0 was the initial release.

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