Native implementation of the FastCGI protocol.

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BSD3 licensed by Dan Knapp
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This package is a native implementation of the FastCGI protocol, allowing Haskell to work with any webserver that supports it. It makes no attempt to imitate the interface of the cgi-3000 and fastcgi-3000 packages, because that API is tied too heavily to legacy interfaces, as with its handling of exceptions, logging, and time. Its advantage over those packages is primarily in the area of clean exception management and better control structure which allows more versatility in processing requests which are not simple GETs. In particular, POST of large files should be possible, as should server-push responses which return content a piece at a time. Also, of course, as a native implementation, there is no dependency on a C library, which simplifies the install process. Version 1.0.3 adds support for the new version of the network package, which integrates what used to be a separate package, network-bytestring. It also provides compatibility with (unreleased as of this writing) GHC 7.1. Version 1.0.2 fixes a bug; response headers are now sent if they have not already been when fCloseOutput is called explicitly. It also removes spurious debug output that had been left in by mistake.

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