Directory layout DSL

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BSD3 licensed by Matvey Aksenov


Hackage Build Status

Directory layout DSL


  • Made the test-suite less dependent on a particular system configuration


  • Adjusted dedentation algorithm to ignore empty lines when calculating an amount

of spaces to drop

  • Made dedentSubst more polymorphic

  • Added dedentSubst, dedent with variable substitution

  • Made dedent more flexible

  • Renamed spec interpreter to examples to make it hspec-discover-compatible

  • Switch API to Either from a Validation-like thingie

  • Added remake

  • Generalized fromErrors

  • Missing test files in cabal tarball

  • Added fromErrors

  • Complete rewrite

  • Added pretty and spec interpreters

  • Layout nodes can be configured with user/group and file permissions

  • Added symlinks with optionally checked source existence

  • File contents can be specified as raw bytes or text data

  • File can be declared the copy of another file

  • Self-balancing Semigroup,Apply,Applicative,Bind, and Monad instance for Node. That way we have reasonable auto-derived Eq and Ord instances

  • Added name, names, next, node traversals and fixed file and directory

  • Added Layout construction from existing directories via fromDirectory

  • Fixed build for GHC 7.4

  • Removed parser stuff

  • Added Default, Semigroup, Monoid, and Applicative instances for Layout

  • Added "extractors" (System.Directory.Layout.Lens)

  • Added Apply and Bind instances for Layout

  • Added Ord instance for Layout

  • Added Foldable and Traversable instances for Layout

  • Rewrote Check and Make (unified errors, simpler implementation)

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