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This library is meant to interface with the HaskellDO editor. The library provides a type Display and a type class Displayable which are menat to provide an API to rendering media in HaskellDO.


As an example, say I wanted to add the ability to load GIFs in HaskellDO. Firstly in the Types.hs file I would add:

  = DisplayText
  | DisplayJpg
  | DisplayPng
  | DisplayHtml
  | DisplayGif
  deriving Generic

This defines a valid GIF type for Display. Then in Displayable.hs I would define a Displayable instance for GIFs.

instance Displayable Gif where 
  display g = Display DisplayGif <path/to/gif>

All of this allows HaskellDO to render GIFs as JSON which can then be parsed by the front end and displayed down the line.

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