DOM traversal by CSS selectors for xml-conduit package

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BSD3 licensed by Nebuta Lab

CSS selector support for xml-conduit/html-conduit. This package supports compile-time checking of CSS selectors using quasiquotes. All DOM traversals are purely functional.

  • Quick start

-- The following pragmas should be put first (Haddock does not accept a pragma notation.)
-- LANGUAGE OverloadedStrings, QuasiQuotes

module Main (main) where

import Text.XML.Cursor (fromDocument)
import Text.HTML.DOM (parseLBS)
import qualified Data.Text.Lazy.IO as TI (putStrLn)

import Control.Monad (mapM_)

import Text.XML.Scraping (innerHtml)
import Text.XML.Selector.TH

import Network.HTTP.Conduit
import Data.Conduit.Binary

main :: IO ()
main = do
   root <- fmap (fromDocument . parseLBS) $ simpleHttp ""
   let cs = queryT [jq| h2 span.titletext |] root
   mapM_ (TI.putStrLn . innerHtml) cs

You can use some elementary CSS selectors for traversing a DOM tree.

  • Other examples


Ver 0.2.1: Inappropriate Safe Haskell pragma was removed.

Ver 0.2: All scraping functions in Text.XML.Scraping return lazy text now. They are implemented with a type class.

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