Backend for a binding to the Microsoft DirectX 9 API.

Latest on Hackage:0.1.1

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BSD3 licensed by Esa Ilari Vuokko
Maintained by none
# Installing

You need need recentish ghc (6.4.x should work).
DirectX should be installed somewhere, examples assume %DXSDK%

First, you need to prepare mingw-usable import libraries for
directx DLLS. This is easiest with mingw tool reimp, available on
mingw-utilities on mingw site ( www.mingw.org ) Installing
mingw and msys are beyond this simple readme.

Cabal setup scripts assume that those libraries are situated in
%DXSDK%\Mingw. If you have mingw and msys installed, doing
something like:

mkdir Mingw
cd Mingw
cp ../Lib/x86/*.lib .
rm DxErr*.lib
ls | xargs -n 1 reimp

This will turn all but DxErr libs into mingw-compatible import
libraries by running reimp on each .lib
DxErr-libraries are not needed and take quite a lot of time to go
through reimp.

The bindings are split into multiple packages. To compile and install
packages, you need to compile Setup.hs

ghc --make Setup.hs -o setup

After you have setup.exe, you need to enter a package directory and
give cabal commands configure, build and install.
cd base
..\setup configure --dx-sdk=%DXSDK%
..\setup build
..\setup install
Recommended order to build packages is base, d3d, d3dx so that dependencies
are met.

Depends on 2 packages:
Used by 2 packages:
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