User-friendly creation of EPS, PostScript, and PDF files http://www.mathstat.dal.ca/~selinger/easyrender/

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GPL-3 licensed by Peter Selinger

This module provides efficient functions for rendering vector graphics to a number of formats, including EPS, PostScript, and PDF. It provides an abstraction for multi-page documents, as well as a set of graphics primitives for page descriptions.

The graphics model is similar to that of the PostScript and PDF languages, but we only implement a subset of their functionality. Care has been taken that graphics rendering is done efficiently and as lazily as possible; documents are rendered "on the fly", without the need to store the whole document in memory.

The provided document description model consists of two separate layers of abstraction:

  • drawing is concerned with placing marks on a fixed surface, and takes place in the Draw monad;

  • document structure is concerned with a sequence of pages, their bounding boxes, and other meta-data. It takes place in the Document monad.

In principle, the functionality provided by EasyRender is similar to a subset of Cairo; however, EasyRender is lightweight and at least an order of magnitude faster.



v0.1.1.3 2017/12/04
(2017/12/04) PS1 - updated package dependencies to work with
Cabal >= 1.24 and Stack.

v0.1.1.2 2016/07/27
(2016/07/27) PS1 - relaxed package dependencies to accommodate
older versions of ghc and base.

v0.1.1.1 2016/07/11
(2016/07/11) PS1 - updated package dependencies.

v0.1.1.0 2015/08/15
(2015/08/15) PS1 - relaxed package dependencies.
(2015/06/03) PS1 - fixed the documentation for 'arc'.
(2015/01/07) PS1 - added a 'clip' command.

v0.1.0.1 2014/10/08
(2014/10/07) PS1 - added Applicative and Functor instances to
silence compiler warnings.
(2014/10/07) PS1 - updated dependencies to permit base 4.7.

v0.1.0.0 2013/12/14
(2013/12/15) PS1 - converted to Cabal package.

Release 2013/09/02
Released as part of Quipper 0.5 (no changes).

Release 2013/06/19
Initial public release, as part of Quipper 0.4.
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