Tools for automotive ECU development.

Latest on Hackage:0.0.8

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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Tom Hawkins
Tools for Automotive ECU Development

tovcd - Converts several CAN formats to VCD.
probe - Extracts configuration and probed signals from ECU.
canview - View CAN traffic.
cansend - Send CAN message.
decomp - Decomposes J1939 messages from canview.
parsedbc - Parses *.dbc files.
ccp - CAN Configuration Protocol master.
toesb - Converts s-record ECU images to the Eaton Standard Binary format.
git2cc - Bridge Git repositories to ClearCase.
commit - Git commits with ClearQuest activity annotations.

Future Tools:

todbc - Generate Vector DBC files from CAN specification.
vcdgrep - Search VCD files for signal patterns and assertion violations.
brakedancer-layout - Generate a brakedancer signal layout from a VCD file.
ecush - ECU development shell.


0.0.8 11/24/10

- Improved probe config upload time, messages J1939 compliant.

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