Small framework to push metric deltas to a broadcast channel using the ekg-core library. https://github.com/adarqui/ekg-push

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BSD3 licensed by Andrew Darqui

Modifications of ekg-statsd by Johan Tibell to provide a generic "push" framework.

You will notice this is almost identical to ekg-statsd. It's just me trying to abstract away the basic functionality found in ekg-statsd, so not to have to duplicate this code anywhere else. Eventually I may try to clean up this "abstraction" and create a PR in ekg-core.

TODO: Soon

So, the idea of ekg-push is to create a simple framework so that I can create agents such as: - ekg-push-redis - ekg-push-file - ekg-push-statsd - ekg-push-uberlog


Push agents simply 'subscribe' to the push handle returned by forkPush. Once subscribed, agents call consume and handle the Metric.Sample data how they want.


You can just type 'make' to install ekg-push into a local sandbox. Or you can use cabal:

cabal install ekg-push

Getting started

make examples

See examples/basic.hs

main :: IO ()
main = do
    store <- newStore
    registerGcMetrics store
    iters <- createCounter "iterations" store
    push <- forkPush defaultPushOptions { prefix = "pfx", suffix = "sfx" } store

    ch1 <- subscribe push
    _ <- forkIO $ forever $ do
            msg <- consume ch1
            putStrLn $ "subscription #1: " ++ show  msg

    let loop n = do
            evaluate $ mean [1..n]
            Counter.inc iters
            threadDelay 2000
            loop n

    loop 1000000

-- adarqui


0.0.1 (2015-03-20)

  • Push agents "subscribe" via IO Action callbacks.

0.0.2 (2015-04-05)

  • Push agents subscribe via a broadcast channel.
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