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MIT licensed by Joseph Abrahamson
Maintained by me@jspha.com

env-parser is a small library for configuring programs based on information from the environment. It's goals and design are similar to that of cmdargs or optparse-applicative@ but aimed at automatically managed programs such as those that might be run via Heroku or Runit/daemontools.

env-parser intentionally sacrifices power for comprehensibility---the primary interface, Parser, implements only Applicative. This provides better runtime error messages and automatically generated static help using parser annotations. It also expresses a principle of simplicity in configuration: arbitrary uses of Monad or even Alternative can lead to opaque failures prior to a program even beginning to run.


0.0.2 Joseph Abrahamson <me@jspha.com>
* Interface: solidified the basic interface for building and executing on a
`Parser` type.
* Interface: introduced new convenience methods for interpreting the
`Errors` and `Analysis` types.
* Documentation: rewrote the README and Haddock documentation to be easier
to understand and provide working examples.

2014-01-18 Joseph Abrahamson <me@jspha.com>
* src/System/Environment/Parser/Internal.hs: Introduced flexible environment structure designed for multiple implementations for IO and testing.
* src/System/Environment/Parser/Internal.hs: Added dependency search
* src/System/Environment/Parser/Internal.hs: FromEnv parsers for numbers and string types
* src/System/Environment/Parser/Database.hs: Introduced DBConnection type with FromEnv instance
* src/System/Environment/Parser/Internal.hs: Introduced FromEnv for Data.Time types
* src/System/Environment/Parser/Encoded.hs: Added encoded bytestring types
* src/System/Environment/Parser/Internal.hs: Introduced Aeson Value FromEnv instances
* src/System/Environment/Parser/Encoded.hs: Added To/FromJSON instances for Encoded bytestrings
* src/System/Environment/Parser/Internal.hs: Added envParse
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