A text censorship library.

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BSD3 licensed by Peter Harpending
Maintained by Peter Harpending


A Haskell library for text censorship, using DansGuardian Phraselists.

I converted those Phraselists to JSON. You can see the converted Phraselists here. There are compressed versions for use in your code.


I would love if people would contribute. QuickCheck tests are desperately needed.

As far as functionality goes, this library is pretty cut & dry. I already added all of the features I envisioned.


Eros is pretty heavy development, so the versions change quickly. I follow the Hackage standard of major.minor.even-more-minor.trivial, where major and minor entail API-breaking changes.

In the interest of not confusing myself, I keep Eros and the Eros Client on the same major.minor version. So, a bump in the major.minor number doesn't necessarily mean that there's an API-breaking change.


The best way to contact me is via IRC. I hang out on #archlinux and #haskell on FreeNode. My handles are l0cust and isomorpheous.

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