Exheres generator for cabal packages

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GPL-2 licensed by Mykola Orliuk
Maintained by virkony@gmail.com

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Generate package description from .cabal files in format of exheres-0 for Exherbo Linux.


As a source you can use one of the following reference:

  • ./LOCAL-FILE.cabal and /LOCAL-FILE.cabal: read from LOCAL-FILE.cabal
  • PACKAGE-VERSION: fetch appropriate package from Hackage

You can either pass sources as a list of arguments or as lines of standard input if no arguments provided.


> exherbo-cabal mtl-2.2.1
> exherbo-cabal mtl transformers
> echo yesod-core | exherbo-cabal
> exherbo-cabal ./exherbo-cabal.cabal
> find /tmp/index -name \*.cabal | exherbo-cabal
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