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BSD3 licensed by Cetin Sert
Maintained by Cetin Sert

explore image legend tolerance scan-area interval [translation]


image the image file to scan, it should be a 32-bit PNG with an alpha

legend the legend file that contains a list of names and base line
colors in this format

[("Frame", RGBA 255 0 0 255),("Line", RGBA 0 0 255 255)]

tolerance how much color components can deviate from base colors

S strict: allow no deviation (= TC 0 0 0 0)

TA m maximum delta for all components (= TC m m m m)

TC r g b a individiual maximum delta values
for corresponding components

scan-area which part of the image is to be scanned

(w = image width, h = image height)

F all image area (= B 0 0 w h)

O l t offset from left and top (= B l t w h)

M l t r b margins from left, top, (= B l t w-r h-b)
right and bottom

B l t r b a plot box; with left, top, right and bottom
positions in pixels

interval horizontal scan interval in pixels, this value is read as
a floating point number so you can give 4,5 for a scan

translation 2d translation to be applied to the output pixels

Identity output pixels exactly as they are located
in the input image; old default with full
scan area

Box Bottom output pixel positions relevant to the left
and bottom lines of the plot box; new default

Box Top output pixel positions relevant to the left
and top lines of the plot box

- Fixed help output

- Added basic 2D translation support
- Changed default 2D translation from Identity to "Box Bottom"
To get old behaviour from previous versions: use Identity

- First version created in collaboration with An Le Thi Thanh


- It is only a very early hack ^__^"!!
- Line occlusion causes matches to fail.
- Supports only 32-bit PNGs (with an alpha/transparency channel).
- No automatic recognition whatsoever of figures/plots given
a full page. Lots of happy moments with Gimp and Inkscape!!


- The example plots provided with this package are from:

Incorporating Environmental factors in
Modelling Malaria Transmission in under five
children in Rural Burkina Faso

Inaugural Dissertation to attain the degree of
Doctor Scientiarum humanarum (Dr. Sc. Hum.)

At the Medical Faculty of Ruprecht-Karls-University

submitted by Yazoumé Yé

from Sayoro, Burkina Faso
September 2005

- To create the example outputs:

explore 39-cisse-x.png 39-legend "TC 100 150 150 150" F 20.83 Identity
explore 39-goni-x.png 39-legend "TC 100 150 150 150" F 20.83 Identity
explore 39-nouna-x.png 39-legend "TC 100 150 150 150" F 20.83 Identity


Cetin Sert, <cetin.sert@gmail.com>
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