Rational arithmetic in an irrational world. http://functionalley.eu/Factory/factory.html

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GPL licensed by Dr. Alistair Ward
Maintained by mailto:factory@functionalley.eu


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This is "Factory", a library of number-theory functions.


It can be built and installed using Cabal.


More information about this library can be found at Factory.


For information on copying and distributing this package, see the file "LICENSE" in this directory.


Bug-reports should be emailed to .


The test-suite can be run using:

cabal configure --enable-tests;
cabal build;
cabal test --show-details=always;


This library is written and maintained by Dr. Alistair Ward.


2011-03-01 Dr. Alistair Ward

  • First version of the package.

  • Created the modules; "Factory.Test.QuickCheck.Bounds", "Factory.Math.Implementations.Pi.Borwein" & "Factory.Test.Performance.Statistics".
  • Created a new module "Factory.Data.PrimeFactors", and migrated definitions from modules "Factory.Math.PrimeFactorisation" & "Factory.Math.Implementations.PrimeFactorisation".
  • Created the class Factory.Math.Factorial.Factorial and a new module "Factory.Math.Implementations.Factorial".
  • Moved existing implementation (Bisection) into the new module, with a new implementation (PrimeFactorisation).
  • Added the function Factory.Math.Summation.sumR.
  • Added a parameter to the functions Factory.Math.DivideAndConquer.divideAndConquer and Factory.Data.Bounds.divideAndConquer, to permit asymmetric bisection.
  • Added methods to class Factory.Math.Pi.Algorithm to permit the retrieval of Pi as a Rational or a String.
  • Renamed the function Factory.Math.Precision.capPrecision to Factory.Math.Precision.simplify.
  • Removed the module "Factory.Test.Performance.Exponential".
  • Removed the function Factory.Math.Power.raise, which was no more efficient than ghc's implementation of (^).
  • Uploaded to Hackage.

  • Amended the .cabal-file to more correctly specify the dependency on package "toolshed".
  • Added the module "Factory.Math.Probability".
  • Renamed the module "Factory.Data.Bounds" to "Factory.Data.Interval", and added the functions; Factory.Data.Interval.precisely, Factory.Data.Interval.shift, Factory.Data.Interval.closedUnitInterval.
  • Guarded flag "eager-blackholing" in the cabal-file.

  • Renamed classes Factory.Math.[Primality, Pi, Factorial, SquareRoot, PrimeFactorisation].Algorithm to Factory.Math.[Primality, Pi, Factorial, SquareRoot, PrimeFactorisation].Algorithmic, to distinguish them from the data-types which implement them.
  • Added the modules;
    • "Factory.Math.Hyperoperation",
    • "Factory.Test.QuickCheck.Hyperoperation",
    • "Factory.Test.Performance.Hyperoperation".
  • Added the modules
    • "Factory.Math.Primes",
    • "Factory.Math.Implementation.Primes",
    • "Factory.Test.Performance.Primes",
    • "Factory.Test.QuickCheck.Primes"
    • "Factory.Data.PrimeWheel".
  • Added the function Factory.Math.PrimeFactorisation.squareFree.
  • Added rewrite-rules to specialise Factory.Math.Power.isPerfectPower for type-parameter=Int.
  • Recoded module "Factory.Math.Radix" to the interface Data.Array.IArray.IArray, rather than the data-type Data.Array.Array.

  • Added Factory.Math.Primes.primorial.
  • Altered Factory.Math.Implementations.Primes.trialDivision to take an integer defining the size of a Factory.Data.PrimeWheel, from which candidates are extracted.
  • Removed the command-line option primesPerformanceGraph, which appears to memoise data from previous tests.
  • Uploaded to Hackage.

  • Qualified Factory.Math.Implementations.Primes.trialDivision with pragma "NOINLINE", to block optimization which conflicts with rewrite-rule for Factory.Math.Implementations.Primes.sieveOfEratosthenes !
  • Re-coded Factory.Data.PrimeWheel.coprimes and Factory.Math.Implementations.Primes.sieveOfEratosthenes, to use a map of lists, rather than a map of lists of lists.

  • Separately coded the special-case of a Factory.Data.PrimeWheel of size zero, in Factory.Math.Implementations.Primes.trialDivision, to achieve better space-complexity.
  • Added Factory.Data.PrimeWheel.estimateOptimalSize.
  • Split module "Factory.Math.Implementations.Primes" into;
    • "Factory.Math.Implementations.Primes.SieveOfEratosthenes",
    • "Factory.Math.Implementations.Primes.TurnersSieve",
    • "Factory.Math.Implementations.Primes.TrialDivision",
    • and added a new module "Factory.Math.Implementations.Primes.SieveOfAtkin". This makes the rewrite-rules less fragile.
  • Coded Factory.Math.Radix.digitalRoot more concisely.
  • Split module "Factory.Math.Power" into an additional module "Factory.Math.PerfectPower".
  • Replaced (+ 1) and (- 1) with the faster calls succ and pred.
  • Used Paths_factory.version in Main, rather than hard-coding it.

  • Changed by Lennart Augustsson, to replace System with System.Environment and System.Exit, and to remove dependency on haskell98.

  • Reacted to new module-hierarchy and addition of method ToolShed.SelfValidate.getErrors, in package "toolshed-".
  • Made Factory.Data.Interval.getLength private.
  • Added Factory.Data.Interval.mkBounded.
  • Generalised Factory.Math.Statistics to accept any Data.Foldable.Foldable Functor, rather than merely lists.

  • Added class Show to some contexts in Factory.Math.Radix, for migration to ghc-7.4.

  • Added classes Eq and Show to many contexts, for migration to ghc-7.4.
  • Minor re-formatting.

  • Minor clarification of Factory.Math.Implementations.Primality.witnessesCompositeness.
  • Added details to any failure to parse the command-line arguments.
  • Defined package's name using program's name, in module "Main.hs".
  • Added Factory.Math.Primes.mersenneNumbers.
  • Replaced use of mod on positive integers, with the faster rem, in;
    • Factory.Math.Implementations.Pi.Spigot.Spigot.processColumns,
    • Factory.Math.Implementations.Primality.witnessesCompositeness,
    • Factory.Math.Implementations.Primes.TrialDivision.isIndivisibleBy,
    • Factory.Math.Implementations.Primes.SieveOfAtkin.polynomialTypeLookup,
    • Factory.Math.Implementations.Primes.SieveOfAtkin.findPolynomialSolutions,
    • Factory.Math.Implementations.Primes.TurnersSieve.turnersSieve,
    • Factory.Math.PerfectPower.maybeSquareNumber.
  • Replaced calls to realToFrac with toRational in;
    • Factory.Math.Implementations.SquareRoot,
    • Factory.Math.Statistics.getDispersionFromMean,
    • Factory.Math.SquareRoot.getDiscrepancy,
    • Factory.Math.SquareRoot.getAccuracy, to more clearly represent the required operation.

  • Refactored Factory.Test.QuickCheck.QuickChecks.
  • Remove redundant import of Data.Ratio from many modules.
  • Refactored Factory.Math.Radix.encodes to make use of Data.List.genericLength, & removed empty keyword where.
  • Explicitly closed standard-input in the executable.
  • Replaced calls to error from inside the IO-monad, with Control.Monad.fail.
  • Added function Factory.Math.Precision.roundTo.
  • Trapped command-line arguments to which garbage has been appended.
  • Corrected the output of Main.main.optDescrList.printVersion.
  • Removed the integral population-size parameter from Factory.Math.Probability.generateContinuousPopulation & Factory.Math.Probability.generateDiscretePopulation, making the result conceptually infinite.
  • Created class Factory.Math.Probability.Distribution, to which data-types Factory.Math.Probability.ContinuousDistribution & Factory.Math.Probability.DiscreteDistribution conform.
  • Added data-constructors Factory.Math.Probability.ExponentialDistribution, Factory.Math.Probability.ShiftedGeometricDistribution & Factory.Math.Probability.LogNormal.
  • Added command-line option "--plotDiscreteDistribution" to Main.
  • Removed Preprocessor-check on the version of package "toolshed", in modules "Factory/Math/Summation" & "Factory/Data/PrimeFactors".

  • Added Factory.Test.QuickCheck.Probability.prop_logNormalDistributionEqual.
  • Removed pragma INLINE from Factory.Math.Implementations.Primes.TrialDivision.isIndivisibleBy, since to be effective it must be called with fully applied parameters (which it isn't).
  • Un eta-reduced Factory.Math.Power.square, since we want it to be inlined when called with one argument.
  • Tested with haskell-platform-2013.2.0.0.
  • Replaced preprocessor-directives with build-depends constraints in the .cabal-file.
  • Added function Factory.Math.Statistics.getWeightedMean & corresponding tests in module "Factory.Test.QuickCheck.Statistics".
  • Since (<$>) is exported from the Prelude from base-4.8, imported Prelude hiding (<*>) into module "Factory.Data.Monomial", since this symbol is defined locally for other purposes.
  • Either replaced instances of (<$>) with fmap to avoid ambiguity between Control.Applicative & Prelude which (from base-4.8) also exports this symbol, or hid the symbol when importing the Prelude.

  • Hid (<$>) when importing the Prelude into module "src/Factory/Test/QuickCheck/Pi".
  • Added the compiler to the output returned for the command-line option "version".
  • Changed flag "threaded" in the .cabal-file to "manual".
  • Added Default-language-specification to the .cabal-file.
  • Added file "README.markdown".
  • Converted this file to markdown-format.
  • Replaced System.Exit.exitWith (System.Exit.ExitFailure 1) with System.Exit.exitFailure & System.Exit.exitWith System.Exit.ExitSuccess with System.Exit.exitSuccess.
  • Moved the entry-point to the test-suite from module "Main.hs" to "Test.hs", both to integrate with cabal & to minimise the dependencies of the executable.
  • Partitioned the source-files into directories "src-lib", "src-exe", & "src-test", & referenced them individually from the .cabal-file to avoid repeated compilation.
  • Used CPP to control the import of symbols from Control.Applicative.

  • Corrected the markdown-syntax in this file.
  • Reverted to calling "error" rather than "Control.Monad.fail", since the String-argument for the latter is discarded in Monad-implementations other than IO.
  • Uploaded to GitHub.
  • Simplified file src-test/Main.hs.
  • Added file .travis.yml to control testing by https://docs.travis-ci.com.
  • Added file .ghci.
  • Replaced use of module ToolShed.Defaultable with Data.Default.
  • Re-code Factory.Test.QuickCheck.Statistics to Data.Array.IArray rather than Data.Array.
  • Added functions Factory.Math.Statistics.getRootMeanSquare Factory.Test.QuickCheck.Statistics.prop_rootMeanSquare.
  • Added function Factory.Test.QuickCheck.Statistics.prop_standardDeviationRMS.
  • Added Eq type-constraint to function Factory.Math.Statistics.getWeightedMean.
  • Tested with ghc-8.0.1.

  • Commented-out flakey square-root test.

  • Used strictness to improve efficiency of functions getMean, getRootMeanSquare, getWeightedMean & replaced error with Control.Exception.assert, in module Factory.Math.Statistics
  • Replaced 'Data.List.genericLength' with the more efficient @fromIntegral . length@.
  • Removed dependency on Distribution.Package.PackageName.
  • Checked for null-string in Factory.Math.Radix.fromBase.

  • Replaced '+negate' with 'subtract'.
  • Removed Eq type-constraint from Factory.Math.Statistics.getWeightedMean.
  • Added specialisation-pragmas to Factory.Math.Statistics.

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