Watch RSS/Atom feeds (and do with them whatever you like). http://rel4tion.org/projects/feed-collect/

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RSS and Atom are common technologies for publishing news updates and watching then on the client side. Client programs do a variety of things with them: Display feed items for a human user to read, send them into IRC, convert them to e-mail messages, aggregate them into larger feeds ("planet"s) and so on.

This package tries to provide a generic API for handling a stream of news items, not tied to any specific use case.

Using the library you can launch a thread which collects news items, and handles them using a custom action you provide. Expected usage in many cases is to push items (or specific parts of them) into a Chan, and have your application's event loop thread do the actual logic.

Some related packages which make specific uses of feeds are imm and rss2irc. These 2 packages have inspired some ideas here.

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