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BSD3 licensed by Anders Lau Olsen
Maintained by Anders Lau Olsen

Fig is a Haskell package for parsing and manipulation of Xfig files.

The package has a Cabal setup and can be installed this way:

$ runhaskell Setup configure
$ runhaskell Setup build
$ sudo runhaskell Setup install

You can use the package without doing an install by editing the Main.hs file to suit your needs and building the program with the following command:

$ ghc --make Main.hs -o fig2fig

Run the program with a FIG file as input and view the results:

$ ./fig2fig < transitive.fig > out.fig
$ xfig out.fig

The package has a home page with more information on its use and a HackageDB page with all releases of the package.


Version 1.4.0, Tue Jul 2 2013

- Maintenance release that updates Cabal settings and module
imports, so that the package builds on todays Haskell systems.

Version 1.3.1, Wed Aug 10 2011

- Fix for the parsing of the version line.

Version 1.3.0, Wed Oct 27 2010

- Fig is moved to Graphics.Fig.
- Setup for Cabal.
- Haddock markup.

Version 1.2, Fri Apr 24 2009

- Data.FiniteMap is deprecated. Data.Map is used instead.

Version 1.1, Wed Dec 14 2005

- Text font flags were not replaced; patch by Erik Postma.

Version 1.0, Mar 5 2004

- Initial version.
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