Quasiquoter for system commands involving filepaths

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MIT licensed by Jonathan Fischoff

file-command-qq is a simple quasiquoter for running system commands that take a filepath as an argument.

For instance

> :set -XOverloadedStrings
> import FileCommand
> import Filesystem.Path
> [s|echo $filename|] "/home/test/thing.txt"

will return


You can think of [s|echo $filename|] essentially converts into

\path -> system $ "echo" ++ encodeString (filename path)

All "file parts" start with a '$'. The '$' can be escaped by preceding it with a '\'

There are the following options for "file parts"

  • $path
  • $root
  • $directory
  • $parent
  • $filename
  • $dirname
  • $basename
  • $ext

Which correspond to the respective functions in

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