A fixed-precision real number type

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BSD3 licensed by Peter Selinger

A reasonably efficient implementation of arbitrary-but-fixed precision real numbers. This is inspired by, and partly based on, Data.Number.Fixed and Data.Number.CReal, but more efficient.



v0.2.2.1 2014/10/08
(2014/10/07) PS1 - updated dependencies to permit random 1.1

v0.2.2.0 2014/03/04
(2014/03/04) PS1 - added high-precision quadratic equation solver.

v0.2.1.1 2014/02/05
(2014/02/04) PS1 - improved efficiency of square root.
(2014/02/04) PS1 - added profiling options.

v0.2.1.0 2013/12/11
(2013/12/11) PS1 - added Random instance for FixedPrec.

v0.2 2013/06/30
(2013/06/30) PS1 - fixed cabal compilation warnings.
(2013/05/29) PS1 - check for non-positive argument in floorlog.
This fixes an infinite loop bug.

v0.1 2013/05/27
First public release.
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