Verify FLAC files ripped form CD using AccurateRip™ http://noaxiom.org/flAccurateRip

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GPL-3 licensed by Nicola Squartini
Maintained by Nicola Squartini


flAccurateRip is a command line tool to verify the accuracy of FLAC files ripped from CD, using the information contained in the AccurateRip™ database about other rips of the same CD.


Suppose you ripped a CD into track01.flac, track02.flac, ..., trackNN.flac. Open a shell in the directory containing the FLAC files, and run:

$ flaccuraterip track01.flac track02.flac ... trackNN.flac

If a pressing of this CD is present in the AccurateRip™ database, flaccuraterip will output the ripping accuracy for each track. If the CD was ripped without setting the drive offset, you should use the flag --with-sample-offset=N, where N is the offset indicated here for your drive.



Version 0.3.8 (2017-11-18)

  • Allow dependency on optparse-applicative 0.14.
  • Require process >= 1.5.

Version 0.3.7 (2016-11-19)

  • Allow dependency on optparse-applicative 0.13.

Version 0.3.6 (2016-08-28)

  • Allow dependency on binary 0.8.
  • Require process 1.4.

Version 0.3.5 (2016-01-20)

  • Allow dependency on HTTP 4000.3.
  • Allow dependency on optparse-applicative 0.12.

Version 0.3.4 (2015-04-06)

  • Allow dependency on deepseq 1.4.

Version 0.3.3 (2014-10-10)

  • Allow dependency on optparse-applicative 0.11.

Version 0.3.2 (2014-09-24)

  • Require optparse-applicative 0.10.
  • Use autogenerated Paths_flaccuraterip module to import version in Main.

Version 0.3.1 (2014-05-25)

  • Allow dependency on optparse-applicative 0.9.

Version 0.3.0 (2014-04-27)

  • Replace cmdargs with optparse-applicative for parsing command line.
  • Improve description and help message.

Version 0.2.1 (2014-03-21)

  • Clean up code.

Version 0.2 (2012-11-08)

  • New option --show-database-entry to show the AccurateRip database entry of the rip.
  • Improve description.
  • Minor code changes.

Version 0.1 (2012-11-03)

  • Initial release.
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