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BSD3 licensed and maintained by Iain Alexander
README for flexiwrap version 0.1.0

Use Cabal (http://www.haskell.org/cabal/) to install.

See doc/intro.txt for an introduction to the concepts.

Tests are currently in local subdirectories {QuickCheck, SmallCheck, Test}
as appropriate, apart from one in the <test> directory.
The ones in the Test subdirectory are compile-time only tests -
just load them in ghci.

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== Version 0.1.0 ==

* Added Data/Flex/Arbitrary.hs (utility module for Arbitrary instances)

* Added instances for Ord, Show, Read, Arbitrary, Monoid to FlexiWrap

* Added Haddock documentation to

* Added doc/intro.txt

* Added TODO, README, CHANGES (this file)

* Added Data/Flex/QuickCheck/Wrap.hs test file

* Moved Data/Flex/SmallCheck/Wrap.hs to test/Data/Flex/SmallCheck/Wrap.hs,
and added test/.ghci

* New related package flexiwrap-smallcheck containing Serial instances
(for FlexiWrap at the moment)

== Version 0.0.1 ==

Initial version

$Header: c:/Source/Haskell/Wrapper/RCS/CHANGES,v 1.1 2011/09/20 23:52:58 dosuser Exp dosuser $
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