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MIT licensed by Aditya Siram

Fltkhs - A Haskell Binding to the FLTK GUI Library

Fltkhs aims to be a complete Haskell binding to the FLTK GUI library. The main documentation has more detail on motivation and what this library hopes to achieve.

Quick Install

Linux, *BSD and OSX

The fastest and easiest way of installing FLTKHS is to use the bundled FLTK library.

  > brew install autoconf # Only on OSX
  > git clone http://github.com/deech/fltkhs-hello-world
  > cd fltkhs-hello-world
  > stack install --flag fltkhs:bundled
  # About 6-8 minutes passes ...
  > stack exec fltkhs-hello-world

And that’s it!

On Windows it is only slightly more complicated because packages like autotools and tar are not available by default.

The second fastest way is to compile FLTK from source yourself. For instructions please see the documentation for Linux, OSX, Windows.


Please see the detailed Windows installation instructions.


Unfortunately these screenshots seem to only work on the Github page. If you’re seeing this from Hackage, please try from Github.

Drawing with FLTKHS

A table of widgets

A complex tree done completely using Fluid. Notice how tree nodes can be arbitrary widgets.


A number of demos are also available in the [fltkhs-demos] 4 and the [fltkhs-fluid-demos] 5 packages.

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